Jesus is Lord. Let me break this down. The fact that Jesus is Lord means that he is in control of everything. There is no greater boss than Jesus. In the Gospels we see Jesus demonstrating this reality over and over again. He healed the sick, showing his lordship over disease. He forgave sin, showing that he is the final Arbiter of justice. He walked on water and calmed the sea, showing his power over nature.

As was mentioned in the sermon on Sunday, God's miracles come in two flavors. The first type of miracle is when God decides to exercise his power over the natural order and does something explicitly supernatural. For example, in response to prayer, God heals someone of cancer. The other type of miracle is a miracle where God so providentially arranges circumstances through natural means, that it becomes undeniably clear that his hand is at work. The Old Testament book of Ruth is an amazing historical account of God working a miracle in this way. 

I am convinced that my coming to be rector of Light of Christ was a miracle of this second variety. The way God has ordered the events of my life has so perfectly coincided with the way that his spirit has moved Light of Christ, that I have no other option but to give glory to God. 

I am supposed to be here. And so are you. 

Seeing how God has brought us together to work with him to reach Georgetown, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

So, in light of Christ's advent, let's not fear but rather place our hope in the One whose Word cannot be shaken, and let us not dull our senses but stay awake through the prayer of that unshakable Word.  Amen!

Father Kurt

Father Kurt