Have you ever taken a trip into the barren countryside far away from all artificial lights? Have you ever laid on your back and stared at the night sky, soaking in the unparalleled beauty of the stars, planets and Milky Way? I often wonder how many people before me have also stared into the great expanse of space and let themselves ponder the meaning of life. Isn't it curious that when we are confronted by the great beauty and grandeur of the universe, our minds can't help but drift to the question of "why?" 

Who did this? Where do I fit in all of this vast clockwork of emptiness, speckled with bits of rotating dirt and light?

We would never really know the answer. Should I feel loved or lost, calmed or afraid, important or infinitesimally small?

We would never really know except God spoke. And he spoke clearly, not only with words, but with the Word, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus shows us what creation can never tell us. That despite our sins, fears, frailty, shame, and guilt, God loves you. He is love. On the night-dark background of the cross we see the light of God's grace shine brighter than the brightest night star. And to as many as receive him, he gives the right to call the very Creator of the entire universe Father. We get to call the one who cast the stars into the sky Daddy.

That is Gospel! That is the good news of Christmas. Merry Christmas!


Father Kurt is the Pastor of Light of Christ Anglican Church in Georgetown, TX