How to do you view the world?

Perhaps you view life like Star Wars? Balance of The Force is key. Good and evil forever vie for dominance, swinging up and down like a teeter-totter or a diabetic’s blood sugar. This motion is perpetual, good and evil lose their meaning, and no one really wins.

Or maybe you only want to stick with science? Many scientists, after studying nature, believe that the universe will eventually end in what they call a “heat death.” All life will die. All the planets will die. All the stars will die until the entire universe becomes just one constant temperature everywhere. What a wonderful hope!

What do Christians believe? Well you can re-listen to Sunday’s sermon here

However, I want to encourage you to discover the big story of the Bible for yourself. The new year is a perfect time to make important life-changing goals. 

But if you’ve ever sat down and tried to read through the Bible, you know that it is no easy task. Think about it for a moment. How often do you read literature that’s thousands of years old? If you are like me, your answer is probably, “Never.” Reading the Bible straight through is HARD WORK. It’s very much worth it, but it’s akin to running a marathon. You need to work up to it. 

So here’s a training plan for those of you who aspire to reach this honorable goal. Step 1 and 2 take less than a month. If you’ve never read the Bible, just Steps 1 and 2 will change your life. And you’ll know more Bible than 80% of all Christians (and many American pastors). So even if you don’t think you can ever read the entire Bible, please still make it your goal to complete Steps 1 and 2.

Step 1:
I recommend starting your study of the Bible by reading through the Open Bible Stories. They are 50 short stories that will take you through the entire Bible. It is an easy read and includes beautiful pictures. And it’s free! Expect to take a week or two to finish. You can download the English version here or the Spanish version here.

Step 2:
Go purchase The Jesus Storybook Bible here. “But it’s for kids!” you may respond. So what? This storybook does an incredible job of showing how all the stories of the Bible actually teach something important about Jesus. After reading this book you’ll never read the Bible the same way again! It’s that good. Expect a week to finish.

Step 3:
Time to run the marathon! Now that you have a basic idea of the story of the Bible, it’s time to read the whole thing. Check out The Bible Project here. They have great videos that introduce each section of Scripture or explain major themes. They also have a very nice chart that can keep you on schedule to complete the entire Bible in one year.

Now go for it! If you have any questions as you read, don’t hesitate to ask.


Father Kurt is the Pastor of Light of Christ Anglican Church in Georgetown, TX