During our Annual Meeting a few Sundays ago, we discussed God’s vision for his Church as revealed in Scripture. We know we want to reach Georgetown with the good news of Jesus! But how do we actually go about doing that? 

Acts 2:42 shows us the focus of the first disciples of Jesus, “And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” This serves as a fantastic model for us to follow. 

We devote ourselves to the teachings from the apostles. That’s why we focus on Scripture. That’s why I preach with my Bible open. The sermon is not Fr. Kurt’s opinion column. Rather we search the Scriptures to discover what God desires for us.

We break the bread together. We celebrate the Lord’s Table together every Sunday, experiencing God’s presence in this remarkable and mysterious way.

We say the prayers together. Dieticians are fond of saying that you become what you eat. You also become what your spirit eats! In other words, we become what we pray. The liturgy is our common prayer life that shapes us more and more into the image of Jesus.

Finally, we express God’s love to each other through fellowship. All of these things would be meaningless without being rooted in God’s relationship with us and our relationship with each other. That’s why we put so much emphasis on the small groups that meet during the week. We are the family of God and we are called to go deeper than simply doing activities together on Sundays.

I drew a light bulb to illustrate how this all works. Through the four things just mentioned, we receive and participate in God’s grace and life. Like a light bulb hooked up to electricity, we are plugged into God’s light. Then God begins to work in us and we shine that light to all those around us through acts of love. We reach out to our neighbors in hospitality, inviting them over, serving them, and praying for them until God opens up an opportunity to invite them to church or talk about Jesus. My prayer is that as Light of Christ grows, we continue to shine Christ's light into the city of Georgetown and beyond.


Father Kurt is the Pastor of Light of Christ Anglican Church in Georgetown, TX